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Employee On Boarding

Employment Application Process

Now that you have made the decision to launch your future success with our firm, you will begin the process by submitting an  online application and sending supporting documents by email to our human resources department. Your documents will be reviewed for the available positions and locations, and if there is a match, we will contact you by phone, text, and email.

Click on the following link to begin the appliclication process.

Job Interview
The Interview and Final Paperwork

Once your submitted application is reviewed and you meet the criteria for a posted position, you will be interviewed and final application process completed.  Including e-verify, pre-employment drug screening*, reference and background checks**, and final paperwork.  If you are chosen to join our team of success, you will sign your acceptance statement and be scheduled to begin training and/or work.

*We employ Federal government threshold standards for pre-employment drug screening.  We understand in WA and OR, marijuana is legal on state-level and take this into consideration, however, a zero-tolerance for hard drugs and Drug-Free Work place including methamphetamines and heroin are a matter of policy.

**Criminal records is not an automatic disqualifier of employment.  We believe in second chances in life and review them on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, failure to disclose a criminal offense may disqualify you for dishonesty. 

Clapping Audience
Our Commitment to Diversity

Skyline Hospitality, LLC and valued partners are committed to diversity in the workplace.  Diversity in all forms is actively developed under our affirmative action plan and business modeling.  We are an equal opportunity employer without any discriminatory barriers. With both onboarding and vertical employment within the firm, our goal is to empower you towards your highest potential.  The mantra of our founder, "If you empower employees to do great things, they will achieve greatness."  We encourage women, LBGTQ,military, disabled, and all other protected classes of people to seek employment and help us raise your success to the next level.


Vendor On Boarding

 Skyline seeks the highest quality, cost effective, and professional vendors as our valued partners.  A joint goal of mutual success.  To assure this, we have a rigorous vetting process, but in the end, its worth it for everyone involved.  

Some of our criterion is:

a.  Valid license and general liability insurance.

b.  Active and up-to-date workman's comp and/or L&I account.

c.  History clear of past employee safety and non-payment of wages.

e.  Verifiable client references


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To apply for a job with Skyline Hospitality, LLC, please send a cover letter together with your C.V.

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